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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis!

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis!90% of my clients quit smoking in just the 1st session. The others quit in the 2nd session and remain smoke free. It is that easy! People all of over the world have quit smoking with hypnosis. Hypnosis Works! They are happy to share their experience with you. Check out their forum here https://quitza.com/groups/1082/quitting-smoking-with-hypnosis
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2 sessions, one week apart and you have kicked the habit and joined the world as a clean air breather, a permanent non-smoker. Breathe easier, live healthier and save yourself thousands of dollars in cigarette costs each year and enjoy the fresh taste in your mouth and your clean new world without the smell of smoke clinging to your hair, fingers, nails, clothing and where you live, work, and breathe.

Smoking used to be the “in” thing, to be a part of the cool crowd and now do you feel like most everyone is turned off because of cigarette smoke and you feel like an outcast? Perhaps after all of this time smoking (and even knowing the health risks), it is a turn-off to you as well and your loved one, yet you just cannot seem to quit no matter how hard you try,  or whatever methods you use (willpower, the patch, nicotine gum, herbal remedies, acupuncture, behavioral counseling, E-cigs, Zyban or Chantix). Hypnosis works!

Hypnosis is natural, safe, relaxing and enjoyable with no dangerous potential side effects like Zyban or Chantix. E-Cigs have undisclosed chemicals in their flavor blends and early research is indicating that it is harmful to the lungs.  Clients enjoy my smoking cessation program and stay smoke free since each session is tailored to your specific needs. A very few may need a tune-up in a few years to reinforce the smoke-free results. Each person is unique, and while the majority of my clients go for years never touching a cigarette again, in 31 years, I have only had 1 client that needed 4 sessions to quit and there have only been a few that were tempted to smoke again when triggered by an event a year or many years later. Should that temptation sneak up, a quick 1 hour tune-up will send you on your way feeling successful and confident that the results are holding.

Tune-ups may be necessary for some people but not everyone. If you come across a smoker that says hypnosis didn’t work for me, chances are they did not come back for a tune-up or contact their hypnotist to let them know another session was needed. Hypnosis is effective. Quit Smoking with hypnosis.  Hypnosis smoking cessation is tax-deductible (see your CPA for tax deduction guidelines) 

“Using hypnosis for quitting smoking works! Join us on our journey to freedom from tobacco with hypnotherapy!” These wonderful people from all over the world share their experience and success in this forum. If you are thinking about hypnosis for quitting smoking, check out their experience and results at this forum: https://quitza.com/groups/1082/quitting-smoking-with-hypnosis

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*Disclaimer:   Individual results may vary. A money-back guarantee is NOT offered as it is motivation to begin smoking.  If you feel like smoking or actually begin smoking within 12 months following your second session, you can return for a follow-up session at no cost to you All you have to do is call or email to schedule an appointment.

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