Getting through the trauma is going to be a process, and myself and other mental health professionals are providing services for support. Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions help reduce the effects from the trauma, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, depression, hopelessness and rewire neural pathways to stabilize the nervous system and create improvement so you feel better. Appointments for hypnotherapy and NLP can take place in my Makawao office or by phone/video. Please call or text me at: (808) 878-1528 (text gets a faster response).

Lahaina Banyan Tree -2018
The Banyan Tree is badly burned by the fire and the Hawaii State Arborist says it is in a coma and is providing it daily with the critical care it needs (water, nutrients and aeration). Leaves may return as early as 3 months or hopefully no later than 1 year. Its survival is a symbol of HOPE to rebuild Lahaina. We hope rebuilding will be in the spirit of the Native Hawaiians restoring the land to the original Moku’ula, and creating eco tourism to revitalize the land to its lush magnificence prior to colonization. This year, 2023, we celebrated the Lahaina Banyan Tree turning 150 years old.

May the Banyan Tree, Lahaina, its residents and the Hawaiian Culture thrive once again.


Our island home of Maui was devastated by catastrophic wildfires on August 8th, 2023, destroying 19 homes in Olinda & Kula known as Upcounty, and leveling the town of Lahaina in West Maui. Our beloved residents lost their homes, businesses, vehicles, boats, boat harbor, way of life and loved ones, including children. Hundreds of people and pets perished, hundreds are still unaccounted for. It is our local community and Hawaii Nei (neighboring islands) who sprung into action (without being asked or directed by any agency) to help those left with no food, water, power, cell service, medical, shelter, before official local and federal government assistance arrived. They provided from their own homes and businesses, with their own boats, vehicles, money, food, blankets, clothes, tents, coolers, generators, gasoline, diesel, water, toys, hygiene products and more. They gladly and humbly gave up their own time to give what was needed to Lahaina’s locals, because if you live Hawaii, you are ohana (family) even if you are not related. I am so proud of our community and its amazing locals helping both Upcountry and West Side, which is why we are “Maui Strong.”

Mahalo nui loa (thank you with all of my heart) to everyone and Hawaii nei for taking care of our people and each other. Myself and many others continue to volunteer to help where we can. We are grateful that the emergency shelters and volunteers helped our 12,000 displaced residents and tourists.

What we are going through in our community is indescribable beyond comprehension. There isn’t a single word in the dictionary to explain the unworldly abyss of pain, grief, devastation, shock, horror+ we are experiencing. As a community, we will collectively gather our humanity as recovery continues, life forever altered and rebuilding begins. See below for donation resources.


A therapy puppy in training, named Makana, is in my office providing comfort for those who want it. “The love of animals is transformational.©” While I formally retired in 2020 from my 22 years in the field of Animal-Assisted Therapy/Activities bringing therapy animals to help people heal and associated research study, the combination of the Disaster and a Puppy randomly (and literally) being placed into my hand and gifted to me with a plea to take it, has me out of retirement and this benefits you especially. If you are not a puppy lover, we can do our sessions remotely, and if you are in the office, Makana will be in a secure area. Though, if you like or love animals, you are in for something special.


Continued prayers for Maui are appreciated, though cash donations are really what is needed. If you would like to donate to a verified non-profit, please consider the following:

Donations direct to the people who lost everything in the Maui Wildfires can be made to their GoFundMe or Venmo Accounts. (If you select Venmo, please press the “Gift” button before sending your funds so they are not charged income tax):

Please contact me if you would like me to handle a cash gift on your behalf. I am not a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and there will be explicit instructions provided as any cash sent to me will go directly to a family in need.


Lastly, MAUI IS OPEN! Our economy depends on tourism and without it, more families and people will lose their homes, businesses, jobs and way of life. Come and see our Aloha firsthand, enjoy the magic the rest of Maui has to offer. You can even volunteer to help in Disaster Relief. We kindly request you stay away from Lahaina. That area is restricted and it is your kuleana (responsibility) to be respectful of the families who lost everything and mindful of the Hawaiian Culture.